My Take: Em's Shocking Stand

A freestyle rap by Eminem, entitled “Campaign Speech” is circulating the web right now, in which he overtly calls out people such as Donald Trump and George Zimmerman, painting pictures of notorious figures through his intense word play. Not only was it how Eminem methodically crafted what he was saying about these figures, but what stood out to me, was the platform in which an artist has the advantage of standing on, that can be used to grab the attention of soon-to-be voters. Reading some of the commentary on other blogs, I could not help but to think of how many people’s emotions this freestyle stirred. Many of us cannot even fathom having the kind of platform that Eminem or other rappers and artists have to shake the public through our unique voices. Although some may have not been impressed with his controversial topic, his incredible skill of formulating rhymes – enough to make me not know how or which way to digest it – shows me that this skill can be a tool – reaching and moving people like me. I remember when I heard Eminem’s “Stan” song for the first time. It was like nothing I had heard before – a fan so obsessed with the rapper that he would rather kill himself than live without the rapper. It was such a shocking concept; as a girl, I didn’t know how to take it. But, to me, Eminem’s music has always had that shock appeal, through his rapping skill– one that fascinates even a now-woman who has seen much in terms of unordinary.

How many times have you been so moved by a song or a lyric, that it makes you question the world around you? Or maybe, you’ve already thought the same thing as Eminem, and he’s just got a big enough platform to say it on.


Isabel Ward