A Million Faces

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In your eyes, how do you perceive this spoken word?

A Million Faces

I stare at a million faces in the mirror in front of me;

A million races,

A million places.

All reflecting the same past – a long history of struggle -

See the pain,

It’s all the same.

A million glazed eyes show my hidden truth.

Reveal my secret,

Heartache, I keep it.

But a million images of myself show me I’m not alone.

I share deep pain,

It’s all in this frame.

Every face downcast in this mirror clones my past.

Repeat history -

A line of sad stories.

Can’t forget, because every face in this mirror is a reminder of the struggle;

Unveiling the real,

Because every tear I can feel.

These many faces are my own, and my own are these many faces.

Every girl’s struggle I see,

Is a reflection of me.


Isabel Ward