Open Road

What do you think this poem "Open Road" is about? Running away from life, seeking peace of mind or feeling like there's no end to your troubles?

Open Road 


I sought peace on an open road,

With a seat belt on, windows rolled up, hiding me from the cold.

Strapped in, as though life was about to end –

Trying to save myself.

I sought peace, on an open highway, as others passed me by.

I sought rest, ease of a mind – the troubled kind

Wrestled with thoughts

Tangled in knots

The road, wide and long

Seeing no bend,

But I thought peace might be at the end.

Because in there,

I hear the sound of turbulence

Whistling through this window

I see the blurred vision of rain,

Wetting my windowpane

However, I’m strapped in -

Hiding in –

A makeshift sanctuary

Although these thoughts, they tarry.

Wanting nothing more than peace

So I sought - 

On an open road –

Wide and long - 

This peace we all long


Although I can’t see it from here -

I think, peace just may be near.



Isabel Ward