What do you think this poem might be about? Is it about Feeling? The sun? Or is there a deeper meaning such as what happens when you can't Feel? 



Ray beams upon my face,

I feel the sensation

Tingle through to my body,

Echoing my soul -

That’s how I know I’m whole.

Because it sets in my eyes,

Despite their darkest brown.

And when you’re face down,

You can’t see its brilliance.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom,

When you can no longer feel

The kiss of the very thing

That makes us feel real.

It awakens us from sleep

And the harder you fall,

The less you can see.

It vanishes from sight

Covered simply by -

The symbol of the night.

Ray beams in my eyes.

But when I die,

Ray hides.

I dismissed its brilliance,

As we do in youth,

Until it vanished from my sight,

At the mere age of twenty two. 

Because - 

Its glory is its touch,

Its strength, intangible to us,

And when it rises up inside -

Life lives in us.

Its presence reminds me that darkness has passed.

Its touch makes me feel alive at last.


Isabel Ward