The Corner

What do you think this poem is about? Settling, bad choices or something else? 

The Corner

She tip-toed into that four-cornered room

Wanting nothing more than to crawl into that dark corner.

Face to the wall, not wanting to face it all – 


Again –

Day after day,

They vowed, “come what may”

But May came every year –

The spring, summer and fall –

Winter – the beginning of it all – 

But that was four years ago,

And time flies by, when your sky has fallen,   

And the house you always wanted to call a home –

Is now the place you want to escape the most.

But alas, she’s backed into a corner.

Her back to the wall - 

If she turns around – will it all -

Disappear -

Like those winter months.

Take her back to May, 

When palms touched and fingers entwined – 

If she breaks this oath, 

Will she be just fine. 

But how can one be fine, after a four-year long fight,

To keep a promise?

Her fists are tied, she’s in a corner, 

This very thing that brings her honor.

But what’s the honor - 

If all you want to do is turn and face

The dark corner. 



Isabel Ward