Pool of Innocence

We never had a pool. We had grass that went past our knees in the backyard instead, and patches of dirt where grass did not grow; a dog with fleas, and a fence to separate us from the neighbors next door who had a pool. Yes, in the hood, there was actually someone who had a pool. But, they built it themselves, and it was more like a cart pond shaped like a letter L, for God knows what reason. I remember my sister, brother and I (along with some bad-ass kids from around the corner), hopping the fence to swim in the pool next door when our neighbors were away. Yes, we actually did this. And, we never got caught. And in light of our adventures, I’ll have to expose that there were actually tadpoles in the pool, but that that didn’t stop us. Many things did not stop us from having fun and being those bad-ass kids from around the way. 

3 things I learned from hopping the neighbor’s fence to go swimming: 

 1 – You never know what you can get away with when no one knows (including your mom), but sometimes it’s just not worth it (i.e. tadpoles).

2 - All kids want to do is have fun at all costs. 


3 – Yes, we weren’t as fortunate as the neighbors next door; but hey, you wouldn’t have known it because we had the time of our lives doing it. 


Isabel Ward